The concept of sustainable forestry challenges natural resource professionals to manage for multiple benefits afforded by a forested environment today without compromising the capabilities of that environment to yield like-benefits in the future. A key element to sustainable forestry is tree regeneration - without regeneration, our forests cannot be sustained.

As a "steward" of our forests, it's up to you to plan for the establishment and protection of desirable tree regeneration during the regeneration harvest.

Forest Regeneration Services, Inc. (FRS) helps you by providing specialized consultations, forest herbicide applications, vegetation control, and deer exclosure fence installations.  Our qualified professional assistance is always available, especially during your planning stages; and our services can be integrated if necessary into one concise strategy.  FRS is your one source for maximizing the efficacy and efficiency of your forest regeneration project.

At Forest Regeneration Services, Inc. our mission is to encourage sustainable forestry by providing sound advice and proven services that promote successful forest regeneration; and to implement such services in a professional and efficient manner. We will strive to stay informed of new and experimental practices, and move forward to incorporate them into our services when prudent to do so. We view ourselves as partners with our peers, our clients, our community, and our environment so that we may better understand the complexities of sustainable forestry.

We are located in Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania and service all of Pennsylvania area by providing education and awareness to the general public so that they can make a better informed decision about the future of their forestland. We want forestland owners to utilize our services when necessary to help promote natural tree regeneration. No other company has the knowledge, skills, or ability to provide such a comprehensive process to a complex environment. We have treated tens of thousands of acres and constructed over 60 miles of deer exclosure fences.

Forest herbicide spraying and deer exclosure fences are an important contributing factor to the successful establishment of desirable tree regeneration in the forests of Pennsylvania and New York. As a forestland manager Barry S. Rose, Certified Forester, experienced the difficult and costly task of obtaining these services - mainly due to the lack of contractors. Hence, in 1995 he initiated and subsequently formed ReGenesis LLC, a partnership providing forestland managers with a means to control undesirable forest floor vegetation. In 1999, Barry and his wife, Linda, began Barrier Fencing, a company assisting landowners with deer damage control by installing woven-wire and electric deer exclosure fences. Today their knowledge, skills, and services are together under one "canopy"...........Forest Regeneration Services, Inc.

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